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The Bridge Rapid Response Program

bridge logoThe Bridge Middle School presents:
To make a referral please complete the Request for Service and Support Form
In response to school disruptions due to COVID-19, The Bridge Middle School is temporarily serving as a free “Rapid Response Program" for all New Orleans public schools and students. The Bridge is able to support students who are profoundly struggling during virtual learning and restricted capacity school models. These services are to support, not replace, virtual learning services offered by schools across the city. The purpose of this initiative is to connect students with the support needed to successfully complete the semester with their home school.

Specific services include: 


  • Assistance locating a student who you have not been able to locate or contact.
  • Assistance with a student who is not regularly attending virtual classes for a known or unknown reason.
  • In-home support for a student struggling to complete virtual lessons.
  • In-home or virtual special education instruction or counseling minutes.
  • Social work services (basic needs, family services, etc.).
  • In-home or virtual counseling/therapeutic services.
  • ELL services.


Program Overview


Students who could benefit from The Bridge Rapid Response Program include:

  • Students who have been absent from virtual or distance learning
  • Students who are struggling behaviorally with virtual or distance learning
  • Students in need of intensive therapeutic support
  • Students in need of additional academic support
  • Students returning to school from acute behavioral health treatment or other secure care
  • Students in need of wraparound services

The Bridge will offer three primary services:

Rapid Response Services

For more information
To request assistance for a student, please complete the Request for Service and Support Form
or contact: Amber Zu-Johnson (504) 259-6580