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Support the Bridge

Dear Friends,
The Bridge Middle School exists to serve 7th & 8th graders during their expulsion term.  But with public schools in New Orleans  virtual due to COVID, that service just isn't needed.

So we pivoted the whole program to provide a service that is needed: Locating and Connecting young people across the city who have not been logging on to their school's virtual classes.

 Families and schools want all their children to be successful but that is easier said than done.  Across the country, schools estimate  30-50% of students are not engaging in online learning. The Bridge provides logistical, social-emotional, and academic support to get students online and thriving.

In just two months, The Bridge's team of 11 teachers and counselors have:
  • Supported 20+ schools struggling with missing students.
  • Connected with over 170 families.
  • Provided daily on-campus support to 30 students, and daily in-home support to 25 families.
The Bridge is normally funded through Expulsion Fees so while this month has proven the need for this work, the program does not have a recurring revenue source.  Please help us continue helping New Orleans' students by making a donation today.   

Many thanks for your support