The Net Charter High School

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Mission and Vision

The mission of The NET Charter High School is to provide struggling high school students with the skills, confidence, and experiences necessary to succeed in the education and career paths of their choice.

The NET is a high school program serving students aged 15 – 21 through a year-round curriculum. True to the moniker, the school is designed to meet students where they are, provide them with academic, career, and life training, and raise their own, their families’, and society’s expectations of their abilities and their future prospects.

Students at The NET earn Louisiana High School Diplomas and complete professional internships which help them start their careers.

Hear what our students say about the NET here.


We believe that we learn best when we are in a community where adults and students respect, support and challenge each other.


We believe that we are each unique individuals with agency and responsibility for our own learning and achievement.


We believe we can achieve amazing things when we hold each other accountable for ambitious levels of growth.


We believe that when we act generously toward ourselves and others, we build a better world.