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Student Work & Reflections

NET Podcasts
NET Students help scientists study the impact of highways on our health

New Orleans “Monster” expressway highlights national debate over highway removal. ABC News, 9/20/2023. LINK


 Highway traffic pollution puts communities of color at greater health risk, data analysis shows. Nightline, Mark Nichols. 9/20/2023. LINK

The NET:Central City "Love in Action" team goes to the Aspen Ideas Festival.  See their presentation here!
NET:Central City Film Course:  


Can You See Me? - Trauma 

Classroom 1316 - School Shootings 

Land of Opportunity - Immigrants to the US 

Caught in the Net - The Net 

Justice for the World - Climate Change
Check out The NET:Central City's newest book of poetry: Caught Up in The NET
Watch The NET:Central City's digital media's first feature film: The Twilight Zone