The Net Charter High School

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Our Approach

The NETs are the best kind of alternative schools-- our schools aren't here to punish or "fix" students; instead our schools are here to serve students.

At The NET we believe that  if you haven't been successful in, or liked, school in the past, there isn't something wrong with you-- that school just wasn't a match for how you learn or what you need to thrive. 

The NET incorporates the following components from nationally successful models in its design:

  • Small school and small classes
    • Each NET is approximately 150-175 students
    • Class sizes average 5-15 students
  • Strong relationships with caring adults
    • Each NET staff member is carefully chosen based on their experience and dedication to the NET's students and mission
  • Restorative practices and a trauma-informed care community
    • NET school culture is based on restorative practices rather than a rewards and consequences model.
  • Individual learning plans that address skill gaps
    • Every student at The NET has his or her own graduation plan which reflects goals, strengths, and growth areas.
  • High expectations for academic, behavior, and future success
    • At The NET we believe that even if you struggled in the past, you can be successful in school and beyond.
  • Authentically engaging, hands-on curricula
    • NET classrooms use a variety of traditional, computer-based, and project-based instructional models. 
  • Multiple layers of social-emotional, behavioral, and academic support
    • The NET's counselors, deans, and special education staff provide supports for all students.
  • Direct connection to students’ real-world futures
The NETs are affiliate schools of Big Picture Learning a national organization dedicated to putting students at the center.