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COVID-19 School Resources

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, EQA students and staff have done an exceptional job staying safe and healthy.  

EQA has had ZERO instances of COVID community spread and has facilitated regular onsite testing and vaccination events.

EQA’s schools and programs follow the guidelines laid out by NOLA-PS, LDOE, and the CDC.  As COVID-19 positive case rates in New Orleans fluctuate, we expect that these guidelines will change over the course of the year.  As changes are made, we will notify all students and families immediately and are always available to answer any questions or concerns.


Currently universal masking is not mandated at EQA schools. All students, staff and visitors are welcome to mask and mask will be provided. However, masking will only be required when an individual has tested positive or has been exposed.


3 Best Practices for COVID-19 Safety

Get Vaccinated!

Vaccinations significantly reduce transmission, illness, and the need to quarantine.

At EQA we strongly encourage every student to be vaccinated. Contact your school nurse to get connected with convenient, free vaccines and boosters.

Stay home if you have symptoms!

Call the school nurse and he/she will help you with next steps.

Test Regularly!

Regular testing allows us to identify and isolate infections in order to prevent spread.  At EQA we offer onsite rapid antigen testing and can help you find a PCR test.  Contact the school nurse to participate in free COVID-19 testing.

As required by the LDOE, NOLA-PS's Re-opening plan is posted here and EQA's Re-opening plan is posted here.  
This document drafts plans for a variety of circumstances but of course it cannot address all possibilities. In addition, the health condition and accompanying advice and mandates from the CDC, LDOE, and NOLA-PS are likely to shift over the course of the year. Therefore we expect this to be a living document which is updated and changed as needed throughout the year.