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Our Results

Each year, Educators for Quality Alternatives strives to better and better meet its students' needs and to achieve greater goals as related to its mission of providing students with the skills, confidence, and experiences necessary for them to succeed in the education and career paths of their choice.


The average EQA student enters the our schools working far below grade level. For example most of our high school age students enter working at a middle school literacy level:

Despite these significant challenges, each year EQA students have improved their test scores, and in most cases outscored their peers in comparable schools. EQA's schools are among the  highest performing alternative school in Louisiana.


EQA believes that learning and growing is about a lot more than academic skills and test scores. For EQA students to meet their potential, they must have the behavioral and social skills to face and persist through the challenges of being a young person in New Orleans.  

EQA students enter school with considerable challenges:

Thus EQA focuses on building strong relationships, providing students with individualized supports, and using restorative approaches. Through these research-based practices students gain the confidence to be their best selves.


In order for EQA students to practice their skills and confidence in the real world, EQA organizes excursions in and out of the city, individual student trips in and out of state, and most importantly, professional internships. Click here to learn more about EQA's Internship program.

Graduation & Life after EQA

Over 500 students have graduated from EQA with Louisiana State Diplomas. Most importantly, they are employed, continuing their education, and contributing to our community. 

Click here to learn where EQA graduates are today

Student Reports

Click here to learn what EQA students say about their schools 

Annual Reports

For details of our school and students' growth, review our Annual Reports below: