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Enroll at EQA Schools

Enrolling for 2024-2025!
To enroll for August 2024 just take two steps:
1. Fill out the form below
2. Go to and enroll 


Call anytime to learn more:

Troy Avery, NET:East (504) 877 1857

Amber Celestine, NET:Central City (504) 251 0585

Charmaine Harris, NET:Gentilly  (504) 210 9151

Logan Crowe, NET:Virtual (504) 261 0557

Danielle McFadden, all schools (504) 417 8862


Click here to learn more about how EQA can help you catch up.


New Orleans NCAP (formerly One App)

EQA Schools participates in the centralized NCAP system.  Therefore all applications and enrollment decisions are facilitated through the NOLA Public Schools Family Resource Centers, rather than directly by EQA staff.  For information on the NCAP Process, please visit the NOLA PS enrollment website.


NOLA Public Schools Family Resource Center Locations

Family Resource Centers are open 8:00 AM – 12 PM and 1pm-4pm, Monday – Thursdayand can be reached at (877)-343-4773.

Once EnrollNOLA has notified you of your admittance to an EQA schools, you must come to the school and complete an Enrollment Packet.  This information is necessary in order to enroll you in the school and schedule your classes.

The NET: Central City
(504) 267 9060
1614 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.
New Orleans, 70113
(between MLK Blvd. and Jackson Ave.) 

The NET: Gentilly
(504) 267 9765
6601 Franklin Ave.
New Orleans, 70122
(on the corner of Leon C. Simon and Franklin Ave.)

The NET:East (formerly NOAH)
(504) 267 3882
12000 Hayne Blvd.
New Orleans, 70128
(near Hayne Blvd. and Bullard Ave.)

The Bridge Middle School
Enrollment is via referrals. Click here for more information.

Non-Discrimination Assurance

Educators for Quality Alternatives is open-admissions high school; students are not discriminated against based upon prior academic achievement, school behavioral records, intellectual level, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, income level, disability, proficiency in the English language, or any other grounds that would be unlawful. There are no entrance exams or tuition required to attend Educators for Quality Alternatives.  Click here for the full policy