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Being a Student at EQA Schools

We haven't met you yet so we don't know much about you...but we do know a few things...

  • We know that you are a unique individual with your own needs, talents, responsibilities and dreams. 
  • We know that you have goals: maybe you want to graduate quickly, or be an Electrician, or be an awesome mom to your twin babies, or get ready for college. Maybe all of these are your goals!
So we've built a school that is flexible, supportive, and full of opportunities for you as an individual. We know no one is quite like you which means our school needs to be different from all the others.

The best way to know what we are about is to come visit the school.  But if you can't, here are a few things to look at:



Students love EQA schools for lots of different reasons but here are a few that students constantly mention:

"At the schools teachers will help you, if you don't let them they will keep trying until you accept their help."

"I like that their classes are small, and it's easier for me to learn."

"I like how I can talk to the teachers and how they talk calm to you."

"The school is fast paced. There is always something going on."

"At the school you have a lot of freedom. They treat us like we are adults."

"I like how nice everyone in this school is. The teachers are fun when they teach their classes. The education here is much more meaningful than the last school I went to."