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Become a Mentor

We need people like you!

In order to create the types of holistic, hands-on, and profound learning environments we know will help our students succeed, we continually seek partnerships with professionals working in different fields throughout the greater New Orleans area.

Becoming an Internship Mentor is a rewarding opportunity to share your professional passion, get some support for your work, and mentor the next generation.

Benefits to Mentors


  • Have an extra set of hands to tackle daily tasks at your organization
  • Have a fresh set of eyes look at your work and see new answers to old problems
  • Diversify your workforce
  • Get work projects off the back burner
  • Prepare potential future employees (internships are the best interview tool!)
  • Have your business showcased in EQA's public promotional campaigns


  • Share your passion with a new generation
  • Provide a service for students in need
  • Develop a new understanding of what it means to provide meaningful education


  • Join a city-wide network of professionals
  • Positively impact drop out and graduation rates in our city
  • Create new types of relationships within your organization
  • Provide a service to the students and families in your community
Click here to sign up to volunteer, mentor an intern, or learn about getting involved with EQA.
Or learn more by reaching out to our Real World Learning Coordinators:
Valerie Bodet, NET:Central City: [email protected]
Kelsey Coney, NET:Gentilly [email protected]
Geneisha Buggage, NET:East [email protected]

"My mentors are two fantastic men! They really taught me how to be responsible and confident."

--NET Intern