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Our Graduates


EQA's mission is to develop students so that they have the skills, confidence and experiences they need to continue their education and enter a career upon graduation.

We recognize and encourage each student to take their own path: what is important is that they keep growing and succeeding.

Here are a few updates on our graduates:

Brian Davis







Brian graduated from The NET:Central City in January 2014.  After expressing an interest in cooking, he enrolled in Cafe Reconcile's Culinary Training Program.  With his winning personality, there is no doubt that Brian will be successful in the hospitality industry. Next Steps spent some time with Brian discussing his memories of The NET and future plans.

Next Steps:  Tell us about your journey at The NET.

Brian:  It was up and down.  Some days I felt like I could do this and other days I felt like everything was getting on my nerves.  But I got through it.

Next Steps:  What are your favorite memories of The NET?

Brian:  The graduation, NET Night, and the senior video.  Also, the acting classes I took.

Next Steps:  Tell us about what you’re doing now.

Brian:  I just finished up at Cafe’ Reconcile and they’re working on my placement.  I’ve learned about working with people and about the front and back of the house (restaurant).  I thought I’d like back of the house and cooking the best, but I actually like front of the house better.

Next Steps:  What are your future plans?

Brian:  I’d like to work for one to two years and then go to college.  I’d like to major in Acting at UNO or Delgado.

Next Steps:  What advice do you have for NET students?

Brian:  Don’t give up, even when it gets difficult.  


Tori Rowan

Tori graduated from The NET:Central City in January 2014.  She has been working diligently to move forward with her future plans and is currently studying Business Management at Delgado Community College.  Tori has shown her strong work ethic through working at Wendy's for the past four years.

Recently, Tori reflected about how she began her journey at The NET.  She shared that before she attended The NET she had planned to go to Job Corps.  She had just about given up on graduating from high school and then found The NET.  

Tori told Next Steps staff that her best memories are that the faculty and staff helped with anything she needed.  She remembers that everyone was kind.  Tori shared, “I just love The NET!”  She is very excited to continue her education as her future goals include owning a daycare center and possibly a restaurant.

Next Steps asked Tori if she had any advice for NET students.  She said, “Stay motivated and do what you have to do. No matter how hard it gets, keep trying.  Play later!”

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