Educators for Quality Alternatives

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Great News!

Educators for Quality Alternatives (EQA) is excited to announce its selection for a Louisiana Department of Education Reimagine Schools Grant. EQA will use this grant to design and launch a Wrap Around School. The long term vision for this wraparound model is to create a campus with comprehensive services that may include onsite childcare, health care, job training, enrichment programming and residential services for young people and their families.

This campus will be developed over the next several years in partnership with Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), EQA’s long standing partner that brings expertise in adult education, enrichment, mentoring and employment readiness programming.  

EQA will begin this work in August 2022 by relocating The Bridge Middle School and the New Orleans Accelerated High School (NOAH) to the Francis Gaudet Building at 12000 Haynes Blvd. This move will allow EQA to better serve the many students who reside in New Orleans East. 

Over the coming months, EQA and YEP will develop their shared vision for a unique campus that addresses the comprehensive needs of young people and their families.