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Why Build a Career at EQA Schools?
EQA staff diverse and unique but we are driven by a common purpose; we are all here to:
  • Advance Justice: At EQA you are a part of ensuring that there are equitable opportunities for every young person in New Orleans so that, regardless of their challenges, they can leverage their unique brillance for a great life.

  • Realize Your Vision: At EQA you have the time and space to give students the individual attendance they deserve and the tailored supports they need to thrive.

  • Work with Like-Minded Colleagues: At EQA you are joining a talented and aligned staff dedicated to the mission of supporting the city's brightest and most vulnerable young people in an innovative, individualized, restorative, and rigorous environment.

  • Develop Your Skillfulness and Build Your Career: At EQA you will work with leaders who understand this work is complex and provide continual coaching and who actively support individual's interests and careers within the organization. 
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Employee Salary & Benefits 

EQA works to pay all staff as much as possible within the financial constraints of public education in Louisiana! All full time positions are compensation through a package including: Salary + 6% Retirement + Medical and other Benefits

An initial salary range or pay rate range is assigned to each position. These ranges are determined by the nature and scope of the job, comparable internal salaries, and comparable external salaries (taking into account the specifics of the size and budget of the organization).  

Several factors may influence the rate of pay selected within the range. Specifically:

  • Previous experience and skillfulness
  • Relevant degrees and/or certifications

Each employee’s hourly wage or annual salary will be reviewed upon the anniversary of their employment at EQA.

The organization’s goal for all full time positions is to provide a 2% increase annually. Full time positions are also eligible for Performance-based increases of between 2%-5% on the following timeline:

  • After 2nd full years/going into 3rd full year of the same position at EQA
  • After 5th full years/going into 6th full year of same position at EQA
  • After 8th full years/going into 9th full year of same position at EQA
EQA offers comprehensive and competitive benefits to our full-time staff, including but not limited to: 
  •  Heavily subsidized medical insurance provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana 
  • Fully paid dental, long and short-term disability, as well as life insurance 
  • Access to vision insurance, Aflac "buffer" policies, as well as tax-saving accounts: FSA and DCFSA 
  • 6% salary contribution into a 403(b) account 
  • Generous paid leave schedule including Flexible and Scheduled time off based on the annual schedule and individual position.
  • Access to high quality childcare at EQA's NEST.

Partner Program Opportunities


Current Volunteer Opportunities

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Our staff

  • Believe in each and every student
  • Achieve meaningful results with each student
  • Take personal responsibility for professional, school and student growth
  • Continually grow through constant reflection and feedback
  • Are passionate about and skilled in their subject, their craft and the mission
  • Work collaboratively to design innovative and effective solutions